For foreign customers

Not from Croatia? No worries...

You too can partake in our magical offering of baby products! How? Read on to learn more...

For Slovenian customers

After recieving loads of comments, querries and orders from our Slovenian customers, we decided to take it up a notch and offer our dear neighbours a better way to shop with us. 

It is our new/old website. Fully translated and localized, it's purpose is to provide ease and trust that our Croatian customers have enjoyed with us thus far. The content is translated, the prices are in euros and the offer is fully customized to suit the needs of Slovenian customers. Not to mention that we offer competitive shipping prices and monthly discounts which will speed up your shopping carts and steer them towards the checkout.

Check it out at and discover the magical offerings we have prepared!

Questions? Comments? Critques?

Send us an email at [email protected] and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


For foreign customers

Still a bit puzzled? Can't find Croatia or Slovenia on the globe?

Don't panick! We prepared a few short instructions on how to get by so you don't get lost on our web. 

  • First of all, you can translate the content on this website dynamically by using Google Translate. Find detailed instructions on how to enable the translate bar on this link. If it turns out a bit weird don't blame us.
  • We are headquartered in Croatia and as a Croatian company we abide by Croatian and EU law where applicable. Find out more about our payment methods and if you get stuck along the way be sure to check out our shopping instructions. We can't offer cash on delivery to our foreign customers outside of Slovenia.
  • Most importantly you want to know the shipping costs you might incure for ordering from the far corners of the globe. It's all in the table below, expressed in euros for your convenience. We can't offer free shipping outside Croatia or Slovenia and we can ship to almost anywhere in the EU and you can check out more details over at our dear shipping partners, GLS.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to send as an email at [email protected] or give us a call +385 1 2406 500. Our kind staff speaks English and can help you get by or sort out any ambiguities.

Shipping costs and terms*:

Zone / (€ / package) < 2kg < 3kg < 5kg < 10kg < 15kg < 20kg < 25kg < 30kg < 40kg
1. zone 6.61€ 7.96€ 7.96€ 7.96€
2. zone 7.63€ 9.33€ 10.09€ 11.6€ 12.15€ 13.05€ 14.38€ 16.87€ 18.61€
3. zone 14.19€ 16.23€ 18.26€ 20.27€ 22.74€ 23.69€ 25.7€ 28.65€ 31.09€
4. zone 20.31€ 22.73€ 25.65€ 27.18€ 33.78€ 40.68€ 49.39€ 55.63€ 67.52€

*Prices are expressed in euros for your convenience, the actual prices may vary slightly due to the exchange rate (HRK -> EUR).

Shipping zones:

1. zone Slovenia, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Czech Republic
2. zone Serbia*, Poland, Germany, Lichtenstein*, Bulgaria, Switzerland*, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg
3. zone Italy, San Marino*, Vatican*, Monaco*, Denmark, France, Great Britain, Ireland
4. zone Litva, Latvia, Sweden, Estonia, Turkey*, Norway*, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus*, Greece, Malta*, Finland, Andora*, Gibraltar*

*Shipping to these countries might incur extra customs costs, check with us to plan costs beforehand