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Ova grickalica/zvečka je idealna kombinacija ugodnog sa korisnim za mališane koji prolaze kroz period rasta zubiju. Uz zabavu koju bebi pruža igračka Vaše dijete može grickati gumene prstenove i dršku igračke što će olakšati smetnje pri rastu zubiju.  Vjjh

Outcome 3 – 20 points
Manage the processes of brand and reputation management and reputation at the communication level for all stakeholders.
Define a platform for a successful communication for the given brand. With clear vision and goals describe the following for the given brand
a. Brand mission and vision (2 points)
Mission - Overriding purpose in line with values and expectations of stakeholders
Mission - To maintain a competitive DotA 2 community in which gamers can play to improve
and help others improve in a friendly competitive environment
Vision - Desired future state: the aspiration of the organization
Vision - To become the leading game in MOBA category and maintaining friendly competitive environment and constantly adding new content
b. Brand corporate objectives (2 points)
Statement of overall aims in line with overall purpose
Game that connect players in friendly competitive environment
c. Brand strategies (2 points)
The ways or means in which the corporate objectives are to be achieved and put into effect Constant improvement of the customer gaming experience while putting focus on educating
and improving gaming skills of each individual player
d. Brand corporate identity (2 points)
The profile and values communicated by and organization
Supreme form of the MOBA which everyone else working in the genre is trying to capture
e. Brand corporate image (2 points)
The immediate set of associations of an individual in response to one or more signals or
messages from or about a particular organization at a single point in time
A modern multiplayer masterpiece Most payed eSports game ever
f. Brand corporate reputation (2 points)
An individual’s collective representation of past images of an organization (induced through
either communication or past experiences) established over time
Amazing art, truly free to play, requires superior experience and skills
Criticism was that the game maintains a steep learning curve that requires exceptional
commitment to overcome
g. Brand stakeholders (2 points)
Any group or individual who can affect or is affected by the achievement of the organization’s
Players, employees, administration, top management, caster, watchers, item traders, gaming bloggers, gaming magazines, governments wanting for the event to be held at their location etc.
h. Brand market (2 points)
A defined group for whom a product is or may be in demand (and for whom an organization
creates and maintains products and services)
Both experienced and inexperienced gamers willing to invest time in learning and mastering Dota2 over other MOBA genre games
i. Brand communication (2 points)

The tactics and media that are used to communicate with internal and external groups
Weekend sales, promotional discounts, event discounts, yearly over monthly subscription, interviews with professional players, Twitch streams, teaching seminars, how to play, customer support
Employees perks and benefits like flexible work hours and payed holydays for entire family, yoga
j. Brand integration (2 points)
The act of coordinating all communication so that the corporate identity is effectively and
consistently communicated to internal and external groups
Dota2 aims to communicate its product quality and healthy environment by constantly improving the game itself and sharing relevant news and information in consistent and effective manner
Outcome 4 – 19 points
Manage the processes of brand reputation at the s trategic level
1. Define appropriate brand reputation strategy based on the proceeding question. a. What would be a goal of strategic messaging? (2 points)
The goal of strategic messaging is to translate the strategic intent of a company where basis is formed by assessing how the organizations is seen by different stakeholders (reputation) in the light of the organization's vision (vision) at a particular point in time. Companies emphasize an aspect (achievement, capability, value) that organization wants to be associated by important stakeholders
b. Describe in short 5 message styles. (4 points)
- superiority claim based promoting physical and functional benefits by the organization; used
when difference cannot be matched by competitors; informational in the form of a claim which supports information validating that claim
- unlike rational, claims based on psychological differentiation through symbolic association,
rather than physical differentiation; the core consists of identifying a set of symbols and values that through repeated linkage with the organization may come to be associated with that organization; this style is also transformational in the form of endowing the organization with a particular image through association with culturally shared and recognized values or symbol
-attempts to provoke involvement and positive reactions through a reference to positive -
authentic(or negative - backfire) emotions; effective use depends on the perceived authenticity of the professed emotion and on the relevance of the emotion to stakeholders; content appeals to specific positive or negative emotions (e.g., romance, nostalgia, excitement, joy, fear, guilt, disgust, regret)
- straight claim about industry or cause with no assertion of superiority; monopoly or extreme
dominance of industry; general claim (stimulate demand for product category or raise awareness of cause) meaning increase in advertising may cause higher demand over entire product category

- generic claim with suggestion of superiority; changing industry allowing a company to take a
position on an issue connected to that industry; content is a claim of industry-wide leadership on a relevant issue or capability - basically preempting a claim
k. Choose one message style for the given brand and explain in detail why. (6 points)
Rational message style fits perfectly for a platform like Dota2 since the engine on which the game is ran, overall gameplay and mechanics have multiple times been proved to be the best in MOBA game genre. Customer experience has to be fulfilled at all moments providing 24/7 customer support and almost never having server or game issues. In addition, in 2017 multiple publications have listed Dota2 as one of the greatest games of all time giving more evidence that confirm how Dota2 has the best gaming experience of all MOBA genre games. Dota2 is never ending project, always capable to adaptations and adding more features to the game.
l. What would be definition, conditions and content for the chosen style applied to the given brand? (7 points)
DEFINITION - superior gaming experience on one of the best game engines ever made
CONDITIONS - free to play experience featuring all heroes in the draft with the ability to create customizable sets which can be visible by other players in the game
CONTENT - "A modern multiplayer masterpiece." - Destructoid; ...it offers more than literally any game I can think of." - Eurogamer; " The game is an extraordinary place." - PC Gamer
Outcome 5 – 19 points
Manage the processes of brand management at the s trategic level 1. Define a Kapferer prism for the given brand
a. Describe every aspect of the prism from the perspective of: i. Picture of sender
Brand tagline that represents the brand positioning meant to communicate brand values to the external audiences (customers and
Brand has to be seen as a person (physique and personality)
- Free to play gaming experience provided by Valve which has huge game making history
ii. Picture of recipient
Brand essence representing brand identity meant to energize the internal members of the organization primarily employees
Brand has to be seen as stereotypical user (reflection and self-image) - Highly involved in eSports scene and making the community larger
iii. Externalization
Brand has social aspects that define external expression (physique, relationship and reflection); Name, logo, advertising, brand identity, public
policies, products and services
- High quality gaming experience and the ability to grow and advance

Internalization (5 points)
Brand has social aspects that are incorporated into the brand itself (personality, culture, self-image); Business process, customer relations, brand values, motivating employees, training, recruitment process, technology
- Strong historic reference and similarity is a guarantee of quality
a. Describe every aspect of the prism from the perspective of six elements of the prism (14 points)

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